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Rubber Roller & Wheel Coating

Rubber Roller & Wheel Coating

Petron Thermoplast offers a wide range of materials for coating rubber rollers and wheels. Your rollers can be collected, stripped, and recovered with our help. Diamond, grooved, and herringbone finishes are among the options available from our grinding facility. From blueprints or samples, new rollers (including metals) can be produced to your exact specifications. If necessary, we can also fix your journal ends and bearings.

How to Measure a Roller

The following details are often needed in order for us to provide an estimate for your roller requirements:

  • Outside diameter when finished (fod).
  • Inside circumference (‘id’).
  • Length.
  • Material kind, finishing, shore hardness, and any required particular colours.
  • Please provide us with as much information from the PDF diagram below regarding your new rollers.

For new rollers, please provide us with as much information as possible from the PDF diagram below.

Examples of our Rubber Roller and Wheel Coating

Rubber Roller – Before

Rubber Roller – After

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