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Silicone Extrusions – L-Sections

Silicone Extrusions – L-Sections

The silicone L seal profiles are a flexible and long-lasting solution for a variety of applications. Our seals’ L shape allows them to readily fit into a variety of gaps to form a seal. These profiles can also be used to shield corners and tiny panels from damage. You can use glue or a mechanical fastening technique to permanently place these profiles. We use a high-quality silicone compound to create these L shape profiles.
Silicone has a wide operating temperature range and is extremely resistant to high temperatures. It also resists damage from UV and Ozone. Our profiles may be used in both interior and exterior applications because of their unique mix of qualities.


Coil Length (mtrs): 10 (minimum order quantity)*
Colours: White (as standard). Any RAL colour available upon request.

*Manufactured to order in a minimum of 10 metres to almost any length.

Product Codes:

The above PDF shows profiles for the following product codes

SE1716 SE1535 SE3257 SE2802 SE238 SE3891 SE3232 SE2206 SE1410 SE2795 SE3918 SE1411 SE2454 SE1157 SE3573 SE1722 SE2699 SE1155 SE3652 SE387 SE404 SE751 SE1698 SE2712 SE1091 SE1911 SE3685 SE1925 SE1095 SE2848 SE1654 SE409 SE410 SE719 SE3762 SE3563 SE753 SE752 SE3439 SE208 SE3417 SE1577 SE2694 SE456 SE3651 SE3631 SE3700 SE1022 SE3769 SE2680 SE2818 SE2348 SE3736 SE3222 SE403 SE4775 SE5501 SE3797 SE4615 SE4626 SE5092 SE5520 SE3540 SE5063 SE4660 SE2257 SE4045 SE4814 SE5522 SE4591 SE3998 SE4023 SE4017 SE5210 SE4027 SE3981 SE4340 SE5357 SE4948 SE5058 SE4533 SE3722 SE4398 SE5360 SE4147 SE4439 SE5458 SE4493 SE3903 SE4242 SE5569 SE5642 SE5722 SE5791 SE5817 SE5896 SE5916 SE5990 SE6090 SE6094 SE6221 SE6250 SE6270 SE6274 SE6303 SE6305 SE6432 SE6438 SE6470 SE6503 SE6516 SE6547 SE6568 SE6640 SE6707 SE6746 SE6813 SE6895 SE7002 SE7005 SE7066 SE7083 SE7096 SE7129 SE7143 SE7176 SE7213 SE7354 SE7365 SE7418 SE7429 SE7449 SE7464 SE7494 SE7804 SE7820 SE7857 SE7885 SE7929 SE7971 SE8117 SE8223 SE8329 SE8394 SE8439 SE8455 SE8632 SE8633 SE8704 SE8723 SE8733

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