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Silicone Extrusions – P-Sections (Large)

Silicone Extrusions – P-Sections (Large)

Silicone P profiles (Large) have the same “P” shape design as P seals or P sections. The “P” form offers our goods certain distinctive qualities in addition to making them immediately identifiable. The circular top part, often known as the bead, provides exceptional compression rates. Our product’s high compression makes it ideal for a wide range of sealing applications.When used as a window seal, for example, the profile will compress when the window is closed. This ensures that as much surface area as possible is in touch with the window frame at all times.Our silicone P profiles’ bottom “tail” piece provides a smooth, straight surface that makes installation straightforward and secure. This makes it possible to apply our silicone P seals to even the most difficult or tiniest of surfaces.


Coil Length (mtrs): 10 (minimum order quantity)*
Colours: White (as standard). Any RAL colour available upon request.

*Manufactured to order in a minimum of 10 metres to almost any length.

Product Codes:

The above PDF shows profiles for the following product codes

SE1736 SE813 SE2234 SE2864 SE3688 SE1599 SE2862 SE265 SE151 SE2172 SE184 SE3191 SE434 SE2820 SE1005 SE3621 SE1685 SE2550 SE2327 SE663 SE3828 SE2616 SE3566 SE1859 SE1631 SE1802 SE513 SE1574 SE1313 SE72 SE90 SE3250 SE3444 SE738 SE116 SE3488 SE1463 SE1462 SE2349 SE2426 SE1308 SE3437 SE5068 SE5045 SE4936 SE5138 SE5142 SE4937 SE5141 SE4552 SE4912 SE4044 SE5082 SE5253 SE5233 SE4753 SE5536 SE5430 SE5547 SE5704 SE5709 SE5743 SE5773 SE5767 SE5802 SE5823 SE5899 SE5957 SE5991 SE6051 SE6107 SE6130 SE6168 SE6169 SE6176 SE6194 SE6264 SE6326 SE6418 SE6486 SE6739 SE6786 SE6816 SE6825 SE6830 SE6957 SE7054 SE7078 SE7100 SE7127 SE7161 SE7200 SE7210 SE7276 SE7290 SE7327 SE7340 SE7359 SE7366 SE7377 SE7390 SE7394 SE7425 SE7434 SE7498 SE7508 SE7643 SE7652 SE7674 SE7826 SE8023 SE8703 SE8726 SE8746

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