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Silicone Inflatable Seals

Silicone Inflatable Seals

Silicone inflatable seals are manufactured from high-strength FDA-approved silicone. The seal is supplied deflated. When air pressure is applied, the seal expands to meet the sealing face. When the pressure is released, the seal returns to its relaxed position. All seals can be individually pressure tested and can be supplied with certification to ensure complete traceability if required. Please download the PDF below for all standard inflatable seal extrusions available. When inquiring, please state the relevant product code. A larger range of profiles can be manufactured upon request. Standard equipment for inflatable seals includes a stainless steel V-34 valve with an M10 thread. For further details, please see the PDF below titled “Valves for Silicone Inflatable Seals.” Additionally, we provide a variety of different valves, which are listed on pages 2 and 3.

Please give us the following details if the seal you need does not meet one of the requirements listed below:

  • Required: a sample of the seal
  • A three-dimensional illustration of the seal you need (including radius corners etc).
  • Information on the direction of inflation.
  • Needed valve type.
  • Quantity is necessary.
  • Door seals for the food, pharmaceutical, and powder handling sectors.


Door seals within the powder handling, pharmaceutical and food industries.


Coil Length (mtrs): 10 (minimum order quantity)*
Colours: White (as standard). Any RAL colour available upon request.
Valve Type: V-34 (M10 thread) as standard. Others available, see PDF below.

*Manufactured to order in a minimum of 10 metres to almost any length.

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