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Silicone Mouldings

Silicone Mouldings

Silicone mouldings offer high temperature resistance, as well as great release and electrical insulating qualities. As a result, they are widely employed in a variety of applications across several sectors. We provide a wide range of Silicone rubber compounds, including food-grade, flame retardant, and metal-detecting alternatives. Silicone mouldings may be produced to order in a variety of shore hardnesses and colours to meet your specifications. It may produce quotations using drawings or high-quality samples.


Grade Shore Hardness (°) Temperature Range (°C) General Description
General Purpose 40 – 80 -60 up to +200 Good all round physical properties and available in a range of shore hardnesses and colours. FDA approved.
Metal Detectable* 40 – 80 -60 up to +200 Can be detected by metal detector equipment.Dark blue, FDA Approved.
High Strength 40 – 70 -60 up to +200 Good tensile and wear strength. FDA approved.
High Temperature 40 – 70 -60 up to +300 Excellent high temp resistance. Retains properties over long periods when exposed to temperatures. FDA Approved.
Flame Retardant 50 -75 -60 up to +250 Flame retardant, low smoke and low toxicity grades. BS6853 and UL V0 grades also available if required.

Please keep in mind that our metal detecting silicone rubber strip has been tested to meet the FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 global migration standards by extraction in n-hexane and deionized water.

*Although the majority of metal detection scanning instruments detect our metal detecting rubber, we cannot make any assurances and urge that you test the material with your own equipment.

Technical Specification

Examples of our Silicone Mouldings

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