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Suction Cups Specification

Suction Cups Specification

The table below contains a comprehensive list of factors to consider when selecting a suction cup. Please give the following information and details about your application so we can offer you a quote for your needs.

Shape of Load: Flat / Curved / Cylindrical / Ovoid / Spherical etc.
Load Material: Porous / Sealed / Deformable / Rigid / Fragile etc.
Load Surface Finish: Smooth / Grainy / Silicone Coated / Abrasive etc.
State of Load: Damp / Oily / Dusty / Viscous / Dry etc.
Weight of Load: Heavy / Light.
Temperature of Load: From -40°C to +250°C.
Direction of Grabbing: Horizontal / Vertical / Angular / Different Levels etc.
Type of Grip: Handling / Lifting / Holding / Unstacking etc.
Duration of Cycles: Accelerations.

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