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Tadpole Seals

We provide numerous tadpole seal configurations—also referred to as P seals—that are appropriate for a variety of dry heat applications. They are frequently utilised in door sealing applications, which can involve extremely high working temperatures. The equipment’s operating temperature and how frequently the door is opened and shut will both have an impact on the sort of seal that is needed.


Tadpole seals are primarily used in oven, boiler, kiln and furnace door sealing applications, often as replacements to oem seals. Tadpole seals can be manufactured using a combination of any outer cover and any bulb as per the availability tables below.

Key Features

  • Excellent insulation properties.
  • Bulbs of different compressibilities depending on type.
  • Glass and ceramic have resistances to oils, solvents and chemicals.
  • Aramid fibre provides excellent cut and abrasion resistance.

Examples of our Tadpole Seals

Glass Tadpole Seal c/w
Glass Rope Lagging Bulb

Ceramic Tadpole Seal c/w
Ceramic Plaited Packing Bulb

Glass Tadpole Seal c/w
Stainless Steel Mesh Bulb

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