Pipe and fittings products

Pipe, fitting Products

Petron thermoplast advantages

PETRON THERMOLPLAST offers a complete system of pipe, valves and fittings engineered and manufactured to PETRON THERMOLPLAST’s strict quality, performance and dimensional standards. 

Thermoplastic Piping and fitting products are available in PVC, CPVC, ABS, and natural Polypropylene – for Process Piping, Double Containment, High-Purity, Acid Waste, and Compressed Air applications, as   well as a full range of specialty products and systems.

Thermoplastic Pipe, fitting products

PETRON THERMOLPLAST designs and manufactures one of the world’s most diverse lines of integrated thermoplastic piping systems. All engineered from the ground up to handle the full range of today’s industrial, mechanical, municipal, and electrical applications. 

An industry pioneer with more than 50 years of experience in plastic piping systems combined with progressive manufacturing technologies, efficient distribution centers and coast-to-coast customer support. When you choose PETRON THERMOLPLAST, you can be confident that all your piping materials are backed by one company.

Thermoplastic Pipe, fitting products Applications

• Plant chemical distribution lines Water and wastewater

• Acid systems for refineries, pickling lines and plating shops

• Chlorine injection, chlorine dioxide and chloralkali plant piping

• Steel wire plants

• Battery manufacturing

• Bleach lines in textile and paper mills

• Alum and caustic handling systems

• Circuit board manufacturing

• Semiconductor

• Pharmaceutical

• Cooling water and cooling tower systems

• Tailing and slurry lines

• Wash water recovery systems

• Plant water supply

• Brine and seawater systems

• Fish farming

• Waterworks

• Aquariums and swimming pools

• Irrigation systems

Thermoplastic Pipe, fitting products Advantages

  • Lower Installation Costs, Easy Handling In addition to a lower material cost, Corzan pipe can significantly reduce labor and transportation costs on a typical installation. The reason? They are lightweight, easily handled, stored, cut and joined.
  • Extended Life Corzan CPVC provide years of maintenance free service. Our materials will not rust, pit, scale or corrode on either interior or exterior surfaces. Thermoplastic piping systems in a variety of demanding industrial applications have operated successfully for over 45 years.
  • Superior Underground Performance Corzan CPVC are immune to damage from naturally corrosive soil conditions as well as electrochemical and galvanic corrosion. This is particularly advantageous in underground installations where galvanic reaction often causes damage to metal piping products.
  • Exceptional Chemical Resistance The petron thermoplast vinyl systems, including pipe, valves and fittings, provide outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemicals such as most acids, alcohols, alkalies, salt solutions, halogens and more.
  • Improved Flow Corzan have a substantially lower Roughness Factor than metal and other materials, and since they do not rust, pit, scale or corrode, the interior walls remain smooth in virtually any service.
  • Potable Water Approved Corzan chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) are suitable for use with potable water as listed with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and CSA International.
  • Exceptional Temperature Range Petron thermoplast vinyl systems are designed to meet a broad range of service temperatures. CPVC has a recommended maximum service temperature of 140°F (60°C) in pressure, with a higher limit of 180ºF (82ºC) for intermittent gravity flow.
  • Lower Thermal Conductivity With a low thermal conductivity factor, Petron thermoplast vinyl systems have less heat loss or gain, thus sustaining service temperature more efficiently than metal piping. As a result, pipe insulation needs may be reduced.
  • Environmentally Responsible With energy conservation a prime concern, you can rely on the fact that petron thermoplast manufacturing process for Corzan piping materials requires less than half the energy needed to produce the equivalent size of carbon steel or steel alloy materials

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