CPVC Ball Valve

Corzan CPVC Ball valve equal to union and socket has  mostly. This is CPVC ball valve used for control the pressure and stop pressure , it is designed according to ASTM F 439 : CPVC Schedule 80 Socket & Threaded Fittings standard with size from 20mm to 400mm, pressure rate Sch 40 or sch 80


• Acid products handling for refineries, metal works, etc.
• Alum and ferric chloride handling
• Aquariums and aquatic animal life support systems
• Bleach, dye and acid lines
• Brine and seawater systems
• Chlorine injection, chlorine dioxide and chloralkali plant piping
• Pharmaceutical
• Plant chemical distribution lines
• Plant water supply and distribution
• Swimming pools
• Wash water recovery systems
• Water and wastewater treatment

Basic specification
Size: DN15~DN50 (1/2 inch ~ 2 inch)
Body Material: CPVC
Seal material: EPDM
Socket connection: DIN, ANSI, JIS, CNS
Design pressure: 1.0Mpa (PN10 bar)

Feature of valve
All the parts that will touch medium is made from thermo plastic and rubber.Ball orbital design lower the valve leaking risk.  
Double union design easy to replace and install of valves  
Hollow ball design make the valve seal better  
Simple structure make it easy to diagnose problem and repair valve
Flange end is optional.


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