UPVC Y Strainer.

UPVC Y Strainer

 Y Strainer UPVC transparent body with union and flange connection, the screen is made by PP
or stainless steel customized with mesh 400. the screen can be taken out and clean easily, union end make the Strainer easy to install and replace, EPDM seal suitable for most acid mediums, UPVC Y strainer is suitable for water supply, waste water treatment, etc.

Benifits Of UPVC Y Strainer

  • Cold water plumbing application in buildings
    • Industrial process lines
    • Swimming pools
    • Salt water lines
    • Water distribution mains
    • Aggressive / corrosive fluid transportation
    • Dye plants, chrome, zinc plating and tanning plants
    • Sugar, paper and distillery industries.
    • Coal washing and ash handling
    • Pipes for hand pumps
    • Ring lines / Down take lines

UPVC Y strainer have the following specification and features
Basic specification
Size: DN15~DN100 (1/2 inch ~ 4 inch)
Connection: FLange, Socket, Thread
Body Material: UPVC
Screen Material: PP; Stainless steel
Design pressure: 1.0Mpa (PN10 bar)
Feature of valve
Transparent UPVC body is convenient to observe the medium. 
Screen can be taken out and clean. 
Union design is convenient to install and replace the strainer. 
Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation. 
Stainless steel screen is optional.


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