Layers of fibre reinforcement, such as cotton, paper, or glass fabric, are fused together to create TUFNOL® industrial laminates using premium thermosetting resins. Electrical transformers, gears, bearings, jigs, and fittings are just a few of the many possibilities for TUFNOL® industrial laminates, which come in a variety of grades. We also provide TUFNOL® components that have been produced utilising a variety of CNC facilities. Quotes may be given based on both current samples and designs.


Commonly applied to gears, bearings, jigs and fixtures.

Key Features

  • Temperature: 0°C up to +250°C.
  • Rigid with high strength & low weight.
  • Excellent electrical & thermal properties.
  • Non-corrosive.
  • Higher thermal expansion than many metals.
  • Easily machined.
  • Stronger under flexural, tensile & compressive forces than most engineering thermoplastics.
  • Resistant to heavy loads with minimal creep.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Good resistance to chemicals, oils, solvents & hydrocarbons.
  • Concentrated acids and alkalis will attack laminates.


We provide TUFNOL industrial laminates in sheet, rod, tube, or machined form to meet your needs. To identify the grade you require, kindly use the below links. There are also other grades available.
Please note that technical data for alternate sheet grades differ from technical data for tubes; please contact us if you require tube technical data.

Cotton Fabric TUFNOL® – SRBF

TUFNOL® Grade Product Description Attwater® Alternative
Whale Brand General purpose medium weave mechanical grade. B12 / F2
Bear Brand Medium weave with very good mechanical and electrical properties.
Carp Brand Premium fine weave grade for quality components B10
Lynx Brand A general purpose fine weave grade. B11
Vole Brand Fine / medium weave for good machining. B11
Crow Brand Coarse weave grade for tough rugged components. B12 / F2

Glass Fabric TUFNOL® – SRBG

TUFNOL® Grade Product Description Attwater® Alternative
10G40 Epoxy resin grade. B46 / G10
10G41 Flame retardant epoxy resin grade. B38
10G42 High temperature epoxy resin. B36
10G50 Silicone resin for heat resistance. We only supply B32 alternative material. B32
6G92 Polymide glass fabric laminate. B34


TUFNOL® Grade Product Description Attwater® Alternative
Kite Brand Good quality general purpose electrical insulation grade. B1
1P13 Commercial grade. B4
Heron Brand Top quality electrical grade for use in humid environments. B1


TUFNOL® Grade Product Description Attwater® Alternative
6F45 A superior epoxy resin grade, good wear performance and outstanding electrical insulation properties. B42

Examples of our Tufnol® Industrial Laminates Work

Machined Tufnol Part with Holes

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