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Turnover Stoppers

Turnover Stoppers

For narrow aperture containers, turnover stoppers create a very effective double seal. The flexible turnover sleeve creates a secure seal on the container’s outer neck, while the external serrations create an excellent internal seal. A hypodermic needle can easily pierce the head. Turnover stoppers are made of an extremely high grade of silicone rubber and are available in three different colors (red, cream, or clear). Other options are available upon request. Turnover stoppers are made of platinum cured silicone and retain standard silicone’s excellent ozone, electrical, and temperature properties while also having no odor or taste and not yellowing over time. This silicone has a higher tear strength and is less susceptible to splitting or mechanical damage.


Size (mm) Plug Diameter (mm)
9 6.5
13 8
17 9.5
21 11
25 12.5
29 14
33 16
37 17.5
41 19
45 20.5
49 22
53 24
57 25.5

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