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Underground Hydrant

Underground Hydrant

Our type 2 underground hydrant is made of cast iron and has an epoxy resin covering on the inside and outside that is blue. It has an M12 fixing bolt-secured male urban round thread outlet as well as globally drilled EN 1092-2 PN10/16 and BS10 table D/E inlets. This squat fire hydrant is compliant with a number of requirements, including BS EN 14339:2005, BS EN 1074 part 1 and 2, and BS 750:2012. It is WRAS approved for use with cold water and has a maximum operating pressure of 16 Bar (232 psi).

By selecting the “buy online” button above, customers may acquire Type 2 underground hydrants, blue cast iron female BSPP adaptors, and hydrant blanking caps online at PAR Direct.

Max. Working Pressure

  • 16 Bar (232 psi).

Key Features

  • Service Temperature: -10°C up to +70°C (insulation is required for temperatures below 0°C).
  • Suitable for use with drinking water.
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion.
  • Lightweight and strong.


  • Meets the requirements of EN 14339:2005 for underground firefighting hydrants installed in a water distribution system with an operating pressure of 10 Bar, 16 Bar or 25 Bar.
  • Complies with BS EN 1074-2:2000 for valves suitable for use with water supply.
  • BS 750:2012 compliant for underground fire hydrants.
  • WRAS approved for cold water use.

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