UPVC Pipes

UPVC Pipes

UPVC pipe SCH80 is produced as per standard ASTM D2467, size from 1/2" to 8", 4 meters length, in generally by dark grey color, UPVC pipe SCH80 has good property of corrosion resist, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, cost low, etc. SCH80 UPVC pipe and fitting is it suitable for water supply, water treatment, chemical industrial, etc.

Benifits Of UPVC Pipe & Fitting

Cold water plumbing application in buildings
• Industrial process lines
• Swimming pools
• Salt water lines
• Water distribution mains
• Aggressive / corrosive fluid transportation
• Dye plants, chrome, zinc plating and tanning plants
• Sugar, paper and distillery industries.
• Coal washing and ash handling
• Pipes for hand pumps
• Ring lines / Down take lines

PETRON THERMOPLAST UPVC pipe fitting SCH 80 of equal TEE with following specifications:

Size: 1/2″ to 8″

Standard: ASTM D2467
Class: SCH80
Working temperature: 0ºC to 65ºC Product


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