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• Used for fast control and ON/ OFF operations
• Size range: from DN 40 up to DN 200 mm, series DIN 3202 K2 and ISO 5752 Medium series 25
• Working pressure 16 bar at 20° C
• One piece body, and disc material: PVC-U
• Oval holes body to fit with flanges in different standards
• Interchangeable primary liner in elastomer EPDM, FPM, or NBR.
• Possible mounting of valve as end valve, or quick discharge from tanks
• Pneumatic actuator produced on FIP specifications:
– The actuator body is made of a
special aluminium alloy for applications in aggressive environments
– Solenoid air connections according to NAMUR standard.
– Top drilling for accessories fastening and upper shaft size according
to VDI/VDE 3845 standard


d diametro nominale esterno del tubo in mm d nominal outside diameter of the pipe in mm d diamètre extérieur nominal du tube en mm d Rohraußendurchmesser in mm
DN diametro nominale interno in mm DN nominal internal diam- eter in mm DN diamètre intérieur nominal du tube en mm DN Rohrnennweite in mm
PN pressione nominale in bar (pressione max di esercizio a 20°C in acqua) PN nominal pressure in bar (max. working pressure at 20°C – water) PN pression nominale en bar (pression de service max à 20°C- eau) PN Nenndruck höchstzulässiger Betriebsdruck in bar bei 20° C Wasser
g peso in grammi g weight in grams g poids en grammes g Gewicht in Gramm
U numero dei fori U number of holes U nombre de trous U Anzahl der Schraubenlöcher
s spessore tubo in mm s wall thickness mm s épaisseur du tube mm s Wandstärke mm
SDR standard dimension ratio = d/s SDR standard dimension ratio = d/s SDR standard dimension ratio = d/s SDR Standard Dimension Ratio = d/s
PVC-U cloruro di polivinile rigido PVC-U unplasticized polyvinyl chloride PVC-U polychlorure de vinyle non plastifié PVC-U Polyvinylchlorid hart
EPDM elastomero etilene propilene EPDM ethylene propylene rubber EPDM élastomère ethylène propylène EPDM Ethylenpropylen- dienelastomer
FPM (FKM) elastomero butadiene FPM (FKM) vinylidene fluoride rubber FPM (FKM) caoutchouc butadiène FPM (FKM) Fluorelastomer
NBR acrilonitrile NBR butadiene-acrylonitrilerubber NBR acrylonitrile NBR Nitrilelastomer
PTFE politetrafluoroetilene PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE polytétrafluoroéthylène PTFE Polytetraflourethylen
PE polietilene PE polyethylene PE polyethylène PE Polyethylen
DA doppio effetto DA double acting DA double effet DA doppelt wirkend
SA semplice effetto SA single acting SA simple effet SA einfach wirkend+G1A1:M15

Pos. Components Material Q.ty
1 Pneumatic actuator H.a. aluminium 1
2 Screw Stainless steel 4
3 Washer Stainless steel 4
4 Protection cap PE 4
5 Shaft Stainless steel 1
6 Shaft O-ring EPDM-FPM 1
7 Shaft O-ring EPDM-FPM 1
8 Seeger ring Stainless steel 2
9 Bush O-ring EPDM-FPM 2
10 Bush Nylon 1
11 Body PVC-U 1
12 Disc O-ring EPDM-FPM 2
13 Anti-friction ring PTFE 2
14 Disc PVC-U 1
15 Primary liner EPDM-FPM 1
16 Washer Stainless steel 4
17 Screw Stainless steel 4
18 Protection cap PE 1
19 Reduction sleeve Stainless stee 1

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