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Viton® Coated Glass Cloth

Viton® Coated Glass Cloth

Glass cloth that has been coated on both sides with high performance Viton® rubber is known as Viton® coated glass cloth. In comparison to other materials, the coating exhibits superior heat resistance. It is also resistant to most acids, fuels, oils, solvents, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. As with other glass cloths, Viton® is often produced into custom connectors, sleeves, compensators, and bellows as it is not well adapted to handling ketones like acetone and organic acids.

Glass cloth coated with Viton® can be ordered custom-made for your needs, trimmed to size, or by the roll. By visiting the aforementioned link, you can purchase it from PAR Direct online as well.

Key Features

  • Maximum temperature: +250 °C.
  • very good resistance to the majority of oils and solvents.
  • good resistance to concentrated and diluted acids, alkalis, and acids.

Technical Specification:

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