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Weldstop Blankets

Weldstop Blankets

Glass cloth serves as the foundation for weldstop blankets, which are then treated with an ultra-fine mineral-based aqueous dispersion. This offers a coating of platelets that, at high temperatures, melt to produce a protective layer for the foundation glass cloth, much like the refractory glass cloth does. The mineral-based treatment raises the material’s resistance to abrasion as well. Weldstop blankets are widely used in the creation of welding screens and curtains because they can withstand hot metal splashes and welding sparks.

Weldstop blankets can be produced to meet your specific needs or can be purchased pre-made, cut to size, or in rolls. By visiting the aforementioned link, you can purchase it from PAR Direct online as well.

Key Features

  • Temperature: constant up to +600°C, peaking at +1500°C (short term).
  • Excellent insulating qualities.

Technical Specification:

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