You are currently viewing Do You know The Importance of UPVC NRV Valve And Its Major Applications?

Do You know The Importance of UPVC NRV Valve And Its Major Applications?

Do You know The Importance of UPVC NRV Valve And Its Major Applications?

UPVC is also known as Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. This building material is commonly used to replace painted wood, particularly for window frames and sills. It is used to install double glazing in new buildings or replace older single-glazed windows. It requires minimal maintenance. You can install and use our efficient valve for many cases.

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What is UPVC? 

It is a highly dependable resin with excellent thermal stability, chemical resistance, and mechanical properties. The presence of chlorine in the molecular structure produces it.

UPVC is one of the most versatile plastic materials due to the various formulations obtained by the addition of appropriate additives and stabilizers.

upvc nrv valve

What is an NRV valve?

A non-return valve or NRV opens a medium to flow in only one direction. It is installed to guarantee that the medium flows through a pipe in the correct direction when pressure conditions would otherwise cause reversed flow. The flow-through into the non-return valve causes a significant pressure drop, which must be considered when designing the structure.

Non-return valves are classified into three types. In general, spring-loaded, swing type, and clapper of those types. NRVs are being used to ensure the proper operation of mixing loops in heating and cooling systems. It also prevents backflow in domestic water systems.


Why is UPVC important?


  • UPVC has the capability of almost entirely replacing cast iron for plumbing and drainage. It’s also used in waste pipes, drainpipes, guttering, and downpipes. People can also use it for fascia, siding, or weatherboarding.
  • UPVC pipes and fittings are popular materials due to their durability and cost-effectiveness. PVC and PVC-U are other names for them. What’s more, UPVC is a less expensive alternative to expensive hardwood timber and aluminium.
  • The incredible strength, versatility, and low maintenance are due to a vinyl polymer that is bound to chlorine atoms, resulting in window frames that are not actually plastic and can work well with steel. It means that homeowners will not incur high ongoing costs.
  • If you want to save energy, UPVC windows are the best option because they are extremely thermally efficient. The materials used in manufacturing have very low thermal conductivity. It prevents heat from escaping as easily as it can with other building materials. 
  • The main benefit of all high-quality UPVC products is that they never need to be painted, and the only preservation they require is a wipe down with a damp cloth every couple of years or so.


What are the features of the UPVC? 

It has lots of benefits. Its key features are mentioned below.


  • UPVC is made from environmentally friendly virgin uPVC compounds.
  • It is lightweight, solid, difficult, long-lasting, support-free, consumption-free, and mineral-safe.
  • Our UPVC pipes are lead-free in construction. As a result, it does not affect water quality or human health.
  • Even in hard water, it does not affect scaling. 
  • It’s a very strong fitting.
  • It has the property of being UV resistant in all climates.
  • It is difficult to burn.
  • It has a strong opposition effect.
  • UPVC is quick and easy to set up.
  • Jointing that is consistent and dependable.
  • Quality control is strictly enforced.


You can use our quality made UPVC NRV valve for your requirements. Here are some of the key characteristics of UPVC pipes that you should be aware of. 

Rigidity: It is more rigid than PVC. Because of this, UPVC pipes have a more rigid consistency than PVC pipes. Additional plasticizing polymers are not used in the production of UPVC pipes.

Eco-friendly and chemically resistant: UPVC pipes are made from virgin unplasticized polyvinyl chloride compounds that are eco-friendly. Because of its chemical resistance, UPVC has become an essential plumbing component.

Lightweight and easy to use: These are lightweight, long-lasting, and resilient. Because these pipes are one-fifth the weight of steel pipes, they are less expensive to transport and install. Furthermore, UPVC pipes require little to no maintenance.

Longevity: Such pipes are mineral resistant, highly resistant to corrosion, and can withstand the effects of hardware conditions. Therefore, the pipes do not corrode or scale. UPVC pipes are extremely strong and UV resistant.

Reasonably priced: These drainage pipes are simple to install and have low installation and operating costs. Furthermore, they save money on a substitute in the long run because they are tough and long-lasting.

The benefits of UPVC fittings: 

Like the features, our UPVC fittings have multiple benefits in use. It includes:


  • It is self-soaking,
  • The more economical in terms of material expense, transportation, and establishment,
  • Because of their mirror-smooth inside surface, the UPVC pipes have the least stream head misfortune,
  • There is no silt affidavit, and consequently, there is no decrease in the cross-sectional region even after utilizing the pie for quite a long time and
  • UPVC pipes have the capabilities to protect from the impact of UV beams.


UPVC pipe applications: 

Let’s know the applications of UPVC pipes and fittings used in our daily lives.


  • UPVC drainage pipes are used for drinking water supply lines and tube work covering.
  • These are also widely used in the production of tube well raising mains and UPVC downpipes.
  • Because UPVC pipes are non-metallic and resistant to all types of metallic corrosion, they are an excellent choice for discharge and sewer pipelines. Thus you need to purchase great quality UPVC from the best UPVC pipe manufacturer, like Petron Thermoplast.
  • UPVC pipes behave neutrally regardless of the nature of the transportation fluid. It is due to the fact that they are made of odourless and tasteless materials.
  • Because they do not allow deposits inside the pipeline, UPVC pipes are widely used in sewerage systems.
  • UPVC material is a great option for electrical installation because it is non-conductive to fire and combustion. As a result, UPVC pipes are more secure.
  • UPVC plumbing fittings and pipe fittings are also used in bathrooms for ventilation.


What are the usages of UPVC plastic pipes?

These pipes have a variety of advantages. Furthermore, these are inexpensive, lightweight, and long-lasting. As a result, you can use these pipes in your home or business’s plumbing, drainage, and ventilation systems.

You can choose a reputable and dependable manufacturer to get the most out of your UPVC pipes. Petron Thermoplast is a well-known brand in the world of UPVC. We provide the best quality UPVC NRV valve that can meet your needs.

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