Shimming, spacing and insulating applications with plastic shims have grown increasingly popular in engineering. Plastic shims have a unique color-coding system that indicates material thickness without the need for a micrometre. Plastic shims are a preferred alternative to metallic shimming materials because they offer great wear resistance and a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Key Features

  •     Good resistance against corrosion.
  •     Friction coefficient is low.
  •     It’s easier to make and utilize than most traditional shimming materials.


609 x 304 (standard), 1220 x 610, and 1828 x 914** are the sheet sizes available.
Shim Packs in Plastic:
Sheet sizes 609 x 304mm (supplied as normal) and 1220 x 610mm are available.
Each pack contains 22 pages, one for each of the product codes listed below (*).

**Only available in thicknesses of 0.375mm and above.
SA – Color-coded polyester films are used to make plastic shim materials beginning with the letter SA.
SB – Plastic shims with the reference SB are made of a color-coded, specifically strengthened propylene copolymer PP4.
Please note that a thickness tolerance of 5% applies to shim thicknesses ranging from 0.012mm to 0.350mm. Thickness tolerance of 10% applies to shim thicknesses ranging from 0.375mm to 3mm.

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