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Custom Brushes

Company can provide unique brushes made to fit your particular purpose. Depending on the need, either little or huge volumes can be produced. Additionally, we provide an unique brush refurbishment service that allows you to use your current base and add new bristles. Nylon, polypropylene, copper, and brass are all included in our basic selection of brushes.


Stenter ring brushes, floor scrubbers, high temperature belt cleaners, scroll feeders, label applicators, footwear cleaning and conveyor cleaners.

Brush Rollers

Company also offer a brush roller strip and recover service using a wide variety of bristles including nylon, polypropylene, copper and brass. Brush rollers are commonly used within the baking and printing industry. They are ideal for cleaning conveyors and can be used to apply liquids to food products. Spiral brush rollers can act as a screw feed conveyor system.

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