Roller chains, goods, and conveyor belts are all supported and guided by wear strips. They’re intended to keep chains and belts from moving and to decrease vibration, which can increase bearing and motor loads. They’re commonly made of UHMW plastic, which has high wear resistance and low coefficient of friction. Other materials can also be used. We provide a large selection of standard extruded and machined profiles. We may also create custom profiles to meet your specific needs. Wear bends are widely used to guide conveyor belts around curves and can be supplied.


Steel chain, roller chain, conveyor guides, and product guides


Please follow the links below to view our standard range of profiles.

Wear Strips

Extruded Profiles & Wear Strips (generally supplied in coils)

Chain & Belt Guides (2mtr, 3mtr and 4 mtr lengths)

Conveyor Wear Bends (30°, 45°, 60° and 90° bend)

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