Metal detectable plastics are mostly used in parts and products for the food and packaging industries—components of food processing equipment, such as mixing paddles. Conveyor chains and material hoppers are examples of material handling equipment components. The following is a list of metal detecting plastic sheet materials that Petron Thermoplast can provide. We can also use our CNC machining, cutting, routing, milling, and turning facilities to turn each plastic into a specific component.

Available Grades of Metal Detectable Plastic

PE1000 – UHMW – Metal Detectable

Providing high strength, low coefficient of friction and excellent resistance to wear. Metal detectable uhmw also offers low moisture absorption and has excellent resistance to chemicals. It is commonly converted into wear strips, scrapers and machined components for use in the food industry. Temperature range -150°C up to +80°C.

Nylon 6 Sheet – Metal & X-Ray Detectable

Metal detectable extruded nylon 6 offers high strength, good resistance to abrasion and chemicals. It is FDA approved for food contact applications and offers lower moisture absorption than standard nylon 6. It is commonly manufactured into scrapers, precision parts and impact plates. Temperature range -20°C up to +80°C.

Acetal Sheet – Metal & X-Ray Detectable

Offering high mechanical strength, dimensional stability and excellent resistance to impact. Metal detectable acetal is a strong, rigid plastic that is commonly manufactured into parts such as funnels, guides and scrapers for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Temperature range -20°C up to +90°C.


PEEK Sheet – Metal & X-Ray Detectable

A specialist plastic that retains its outstanding mechanical properties and resistance to chemicals at elevated temperatures. Metal detectable PEEK is an ideal solution for components in the pharmaceutical sector that are subject to multiple sterilisations, such as CIP and SIP applications. Temperature range up to +250°C.

PTFE Sheet – Metal Detectable

Providing outstanding resistance to corrosion, chemicals and temperatures. Metal detectable PTFE offers very low coefficient of friction and has good dielectric strength. It is commonly used in food and pharmaceutical processing applications and can be machined into gaskets and slide plates. Temperature range -200°C up to +260°C.

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