PVDF Pipe ISO 10931 SDR 11  is produced as per standard DIN 10931, size from 1/2″ to 8″, 4 meters length, in generally by dark grey color, PVDF pipe ISO 10931 SDR 11  has good property of corrosion resist, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, cost low, etc. ISO 10931 SDR 11  PVDF pipe and fitting is it suitable for water supply, water treatment, chemical industrial, etc. Polyvinlidene Fluoride PVDF is a unique thermoplastic with properties which allow it to be used for very aggressive or highly specialized applications. Although expensive compared to other thermoplastics, PVDF offers an economically attractive alternative to many “exotic” materials and/or in process lines where limited working life of other materials necessitates frequent replacement.


  • Outstanding mechanical properties, even at high temperatures
  • Long service life, even under intensely corrosive conditions
  • Very pure material by implementing without additives
  • Secure jointing by high-quality welding technology
  • Smooth inner surface


  • Size: 1/2″ to 8″

• Working pressure:- up to NP 25 bar (d 16 – 32 mm) at 20° C. – up to NP 20 bar (d 40 – 50 mm) at 20° C. – up to NP 16 bar (d 63 – 110 mm) at 20° C.

• Maximum working temperature: from -40° C to +140° C.

• Material: Polyvinylidene fluoride  PVDF.

• Jointing technique: socket fusion or butt welding.

  • Durability of PVDF. Curves in accordance to ISO 10931 with MRS (minimum) = 25 N/mm2 (MPa)

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