Timing screws and scrolls are meant to make container handling as smooth as possible. They’re usually made of polythene PE1000 – UHMW or nylon, and they can be colour marked if needed. Please give us designs or samples (with the container it has been handling) as well as any additional containers you require to run with to enable us to price for your demand. Please consult the figure below for instructions on how to measure timing screws and scrolls.


Bottles are guided and fed through the packing, filling, capping, and labelling lines.


Size (mm): Made to order.

AOverall LengthGTaper Length
BInfeed DiameterHOutfeed Pitch
COutside DiameterJInfeed Bore Depth
DInfeed BoreKOutfeed Bore Depth
ECore DiameterLContainer Diameter
FOutfeed Bore DiameterMInfeed Pitch

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