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Acetal Tube

The acetal tube is robust, resistant, and stiff, with good sliding characteristics and weldability. Hot water, dilute acids, cleaning solutions, and a variety of solvents are all resistant. Although acetal tube offers excellent electrical insulating qualities, it is difficult to process and polish.


Wheels, seals, rollers, and machined components need the use of durable engineering plastic.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -50°C up to +100°C (+140°C short term).
  • Excellent resistance to impact and wear.
  • Good mechanical strength and rigidity.
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties.
  • Highly machinable.


Also available: Acetal Sheet and Acetal Rod.

* May be subject to longer lead times.

Note: If a specific colour of material is required, please state this in writing at the point of enquiry.

Technical Specification:

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