Agriculture Industry

Plastics for the Agricultural Industry

Plastics for the Agricultural Industry

Whether in the field, in the stable or when sowing or harvesting, modern agricultural technology faces many challenges: the world’s population is growing, and the demand for food is increasing. Efficient and reliable crop and livestock production is becoming increasingly important. Bigger harvests go hand in hand with a careful use of resources. Farmers need a lot of expertise, passion and the right technology for these tasks. We support them in meeting these challenges with high-performance plastics. Our materials contribute to the design of modern, efficient and reliable agricultural machinery and equipment and are proven worldwide in agricultural engineering.

Why is Röchling Industrial the first choice for plastic products in agricultural engineering?

  • Pioneer of plastic wearing parts in agricultural engineering.

Close cooperation with research and industry.

Well-known machine manufacturers are among our customers.

Proven applications of our plastics in agricultural engineering include:

Harvesting technology

Crop lifter, skids


Stable technology and feeding technology

Calf pens, feeding tables, spiral conveyors

Soil Cultivation

Plastics for Tillage / Soil Cultivation

Forest industry

Plastics for Forest industry