CNC Plastic Butt Welding

CNC Plastic Butt Welding Services involve the technique of aligning two material sheets side by side and fusing them together. This approach allows us to produce larger sheets from smaller ones and even generate sheets of greater dimensions than possible through alternative methods. These extended sheets can then be employed in the construction of sizable fabricated components like tanks, containment pans, enclosures, and various other applications.


Petron Thermoplast goes a step further by leveraging the most cutting-edge CNC controlled plastic butt welding machinery available across the industry. Notably, we possess the largest CNC butt welding machine in the India. Our capabilities span up to 2-1/2” in thickness and up to 20 feet in width by 100 feet in length. We’re proficient in crafting cylinders with diameters reaching up to 20 feet and wall thicknesses of up to 1 inch, all with impeccably smooth butt-welded seams.

Furthermore, our butt welding machines are adept at producing 90-degree butt welds up to 2” in thickness and 20 feet in length. This capability proves invaluable in the creation of highly robust tank corners and various other products.

Computer-Controlled Welders

Our computer-controlled welders are meticulously programmed to match the specific material, thickness, necessary heat and pressure, weld length, and even account for the weight of the sheets being welded. This comprehensive approach ensures the creation of robust welds with complete penetration, offering utmost reliability for even the most challenging applications. To explore how our CNC butt welding process can enhance the value of your fabricated components, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.