One of our most popular engineering plastics is polyethylene PE1000 sheet, often known as ultra-high-molecular-weight, UHMW, or UHMWPE. It has good abrasion, chemical, impact, and wear resistance, as well as a low coefficient of friction. UHMW is also non-toxic, odorless, and extremely moisture resistant.

We stock a variety of polyethylene PE1000 sheets at Petron Thermoplast, each with its own set of qualities. PE1000 virgin and blue, which are suitable for food contact applications and comply with FDA regulations, ceramic filled, which can be used as an alternative to sintered ceramics in high load, high-speed applications, and metal detectable UHMW, which helps to reduce the risk of product contamination, are just a few of the options available.

UHMW plastic sheet is a popular engineering material in food processing and bottling processes, and it’s typically machined into wear strips, chain guides, and changing components. PE1000 is also used to line chutes, hoppers, and dump trucks in bulk material handling applications, helping to optimize product flow and reduce ratholing and arching.

We also have polyethylene PE1000 rod, wear strips, chain and belt guides, and conveyor wear bends in stock. Should you require it, a comprehensive plastic machining solution utilising cutting-edge CNC technology is also available.

Petron Thermoplast sells a variety of UHMW plastic sheet grades online. Please see the links below for further information on each grade, or click the ‘purchase online’ option above.

Polyethylene PE1000 Sheet

Our standard and most popular grade of UHMWPE is available in a range of colours including natural, green, black and blue. The material provides high resistance to impact and wear. PE1000 virgin and blue are also FDA approved and are suitable for food contact applications. Temperature range up to +80°C (+120°C short term).

PE1000 – UHMW – Metal Detectable

Retaining the key characteristics of standard grades of UHMW, metal detectable PE1000 contains very fine additives that help to reduce the risk of product contamination when used with metal detector scanning equipment. It is also EC and FDA approved. Temperature range -150°C up to +80°C (+120°C short term).

PE1000 – UHMW – Ceramic Filled

Providing outstanding strength, impact, load and wear resistance when compared with standard grades of PE1000. Ceramic filled UHMW sheet is suitable for high load, high speed and abrasive applications. It is commonly manufactured into chain guides and wear strips. Temperature range -150°C up to +80°C (+120°C short term).

PE1000 – UHMW – Lubricated

Lubricated PE1000 plastic sheet is available in two grades from Group. UHMW-V is designed to reduce energy consumption and work with increased pressure loads, while UHMW-S offers reduced coefficient of friction by up to 75% when compared to standard UHMW. Temperature range -150°C up to +80°C (+130°C short term).

PE1000 – UHMW – High Temp.

Providing the same material characteristics of standard UHMWPE, but with a higher operating temperature. High temperature PE1000 is used in conveying applications that are exposed to heat for prolonged periods. It is commonly used in baking applications. Temperature range up to +135°C.

PE1000 – UHMW – Anti-Static

Retaining the key characteristics of standard grades of PE1000, but offering a surface resistance of < 108 Ω. Anti-static PE1000 is an ideal option for components that operate at high speeds or in environments where static discharge is commonplace. This grade is commonly used in sawmills. Temperature range up to +80°C.

PE1000 – UHMW – Elec. Conductive

Provides a surface resistance of < 10Ω that helps to prevent against the build-up of electrostatic discharge in hazardous environments. Electrically conductive UHMW is primarily machined into components used in the chemical, wood processing and power generation industries. Temperature range of -200°C up to +80°C.

PE1000 – UHMW – Parcel Slide

Designed to aid the movement of boxes and parcels along conveyors and chutes within the distribution industry. PE1000 parcel slide retains the key characteristics of standard UHMW, but provides amplified coefficient of friction and anti-static surface resistivity. Temperature range of -50°C up to +80°C (+120°C short term).

PE1000 – UHMW – Bulk Liner

A high-quality UHMW that is used in bulk material handling applications to help resolve issues with product flow. PE1000 bulk liner is commonly used to line chutes, hoppers and silos and prevents against ratholing. It provides very low coefficient of friction and allows products to flow freely. Temperature range of -40°C up to +82°C.

PE1000 – UHMW – Truck Liner

An extremely durable UHMW that is used as a heavy duty lining in skips, dump trucks and trailers. PE1000 truck liner is suitable for handling abrasive materials including coal, dressed ore, gravel, sand and stone. Temperature range of -40°C up to +82°C, (melting point +135°C).

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