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Nylon Casting

Nylon casting is perfect for producing huge sheets, rods, or tubes that are difficult to come by. This one-of-a-kind plastic casting technology may also be used to produce the identical plastic component on a regular basis. Cast Nylon 6 is available in rods, sheets, and tubes, and we have a variety of diameters and thicknesses in store. For special customer needs, we may also provide a customized nylon casting solution. We have ultrasonic detection equipment and can do void and porosity examinations on castings upon request. For all nylon castings, Petron Thermoplast also offers an in-house plastic machining service; please check our standard availability below.

Cast Nylon 6 - Rod, Sheet and Tube

Examples of Nylon Casting

We are able to supply bespoke castings and can machine nylon to your exact requirements.

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