Custom Plastic CNC Milling Services

CNC Plastic Milling Services involve the meticulous removal of material from a solid block in order to craft a desired component or form. Within Custom CNC Milling, the workpiece remains fixed on a table while the table orchestrates movement, causing the part to interact with a rotating cutting tool that eliminates excess material. Originating in the late 1700s, this technique has since undergone refinement, with the introduction of precise computer controls further enhancing its capabilities.

CNC Plastic Milled Parts

Leveraging these advanced CNC machining centers empowers us to craft intricate components with exceptional precision and consistent reproducibility. Petron Thermolast stands as the unparalleled destination for the finest CNC plastic milled parts available within the industry. Every milled part we produce is accompanied by comprehensive QC documentation, ensuring that your product functions flawlessly straight out of the packaging.

Our proficient machinists possess the capability to maintain incredibly tight tolerances, reaching as precise as +/-.003 for plastics and +/-.001 for metals. The breadth of surface finishes spans as low as 16 micro-inches. What sets us apart further is our capacity to manufacture larger plastic parts compared to many of our competitors, thanks to our table sizes extending up to 26” x 50” and 24” in height.

4-Axis Milling Capabilities

Furthermore, our repertoire encompasses genuine 4-axis milling capabilities, enabling the simultaneous incorporation of side features. This holistic approach contributes to the creation of more meticulously crafted parts. The elimination of multiple handling instances or setups translates into time savings, resulting in reduced expenses.

When it comes to your significant plastic milled components, it’s crucial not to rely on just any ordinary machine shop. Get in touch with us today and collaborate with a specialized company dedicated to the intricacies of machined plastic parts.