Roller chains and conveyor belts are supported and guided by chain and belt guides. They’re intended to keep the chain from moving and to decrease vibration, both of which can raise bearing and motor loads. They’re often made of UHMW, which has high wear resistance and low coefficient of friction. Other materials can also be used. We can mill a variety of common profiles as well as custom profiles to meet your specific needs.

Applications: Guides for roller chains, link chains, and belt chains are all available.


Material: Polyethylene PE1000 UHMW Regen.
Length (mtrs): 2, 3, 4.
Carriers: Available in galvanised or stainless steel.

As usual, polyethylene PE1000 UHMW regen is included. On request, food-grade, PE1000, PE500, self-lubricating, anti-static, and metal detecting grades are available. Our most popular profiles are shown below. Wear strips can be manufactured to fit stainless steel or galvanized carriers. We can also make a variety of alternative profiles based on drawings or samples. For further information about each profile, please click on the links.

Chain Guide Wear Strips

GR1 (DIN 8187 Simplex Roller Chain)

GR1C (DIN 8187 Simplex Roller Chain)

GR1G (DIN 8187 Simplex Roller Chain)

GR1GC (DIN 8187 Simplex Roller Chain)

GR2 (DIN 8187 Duplex Roller Chain)

GR2C (DIN 8187 Duplex Roller Chain)

GR3 (DIN 8187 Triplex Roller Chain)

GL1A (DIN 8187 Simplex Roller Chain)

GL1AC (DIN 8187 Simplex Roller Chain)

GL1B (DIN 8187 Simplex Roller Chain)

GL1BC (DIN 8187 Simplex Roller Chain)

GL1BCM (DIN 8187 Simplex Roller Chain)


RSC1 (DIN 766 Link Chain)

RSC2 (DIN 766 Link Chain)

RS (DIN 766 Link Chain)

RSC3 (DIN 766 Link Chain)

ETA (DIN 8187 Simplex Roller Chain)

Belt Guide Wear Strips

FB (Flat Belt)

FBC (Flat Belt)

VB (DIN 2215 V Belt)

VBC (DIN 2215 V Belt)

RB (Round Belt)

RBC (Round Belt)

Metal Carriers

C-Profile Metal Carriers

CH3147 – Metal Carrier

CV3153 – Metal Carrier

Miscellaneous Wear Strips


L-Profile (Slat Band Chain Conveyors)

Z-Profile (Slat Band Chain Conveyors)

T-Profile (Slat Band Chain Conveyors)

Double Z-Profile (Slat Band Chain Conveyors)


L-Profile Flat

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