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Coated Glass Cloths

Coated Glass Cloths

Coated glass cloths are made from a fabric made of glass that is very strong, flexible, and has a range of coatings or treatments applied to one or both sides. Each coating that is applied contributes to the fabric’s overall improvement, whether it is in terms of operating temperature, durability, or chemical resistance.

Our coated glass cloths can be delivered in entire rolls, trimmed into certain sizes or forms, or manufactured into finished goods based on your use. We can produce a variety of bespoke fabric items, including sleeves, connections, chutes, bellows, coverings, blankets, curtains, heat shields, and insulation jackets, thanks to our in-house industrial sewing skills.

Many of the grades listed below are items we regularly stock and supply. PTFE-coated materials are among them.

Standard Coated Glass Cloths

PTFE Coated Glass Cloth

Provides good resistance to heat and chemicals with excellent non-stick properties. Commonly used in heat sealing applications on packaging machines. Temperature range of -73°C up to +260°C.

PTFE Coated Glass Fabric

A base cloth which is non-flammable and extremely durable in high temperature environments. The PTFE coating provides excellent resistance to chemicals and chemical splash. Temperature range of up to +260°C.

Silicone Coated Glass Cloth

Available in different colours and coated either one or both sides. Has excellent resistance to heat and weather and its release properties provide non-stick characteristics. Temperature range of up to +250°C.

Weldstop Blankets

Treated with a mineral based dispersion which protects the cloth from welding splash and spark. Used in welding screen and curtain applications. Temperature range of up to +550°C (cont.), +1500°C (short term).

Neoprene Coated Glass Cloth

A general purpose glass fibre fabric coated both sides with neoprene rubber. Excellent resistance to weather, ozone and ageing making it popular for external applications. Temperature range of up to +100°C.

Aluminium Coated Glass Cloth

Aluminium sprayed polyester film laminated to a single side of glass cloth. Typically used in heat shield applications due to its good heat reflective properties. Temperature range of up to +150°C.

Hypalon Coated Glass Cloth

Glass fibre fabric coated both sides with hypalon. Hypalon is a synthetic rubber known for its resistance to oils, solvents, alkalis, acids and UV light. Temperature range of -20°C up to +135°C.

Viton® Coated Glass Cloth

The Viton® coating both sides provides excellent resistance to heat compared to other compounds and displays resistance to chlorinated hydrocarbons, fuels, oils and acids. Temperature range of up to +250°C.

Graphite Coated Glass Cloth

A glass fibre fabric coated on both sides with a graphite solution. The graphite coating greatly increases the fabrics resistance to high temperatures and abrasion. Temperature range of up to +600°C.

Refractory Coated Glass Cloth

The base glass cloth is treated with a mineral based vermiculite on both sides. This provides a coating of platelets which meld at high temperatures, protecting the base cloth. Temperature range of up to +1000°C.

EPDM Coated Glass Cloth

The EPDM coating both sides provides a durable finish with good resistance to weather and ozone. This makes it popular for sleeves and connectors in external applications. Temperature range of up to +130°C.

Rubber Proofed Products

Manufactured from a base material, typically glass cloth or aramid fibre, with a natural rubber coating all round to produce a high temperature conformable gasket material. Commonly used for boiler door gaskets.

Neoprene Rubber Sheet (White)

White Neoprene sheeting is a suitable option for contact with animal and vegetable fats. It complies with FDA regulations and offers good resistance to abrasion. Temperature range of -25°C up to +90°C.

Nitrile Rubber Sheet (White)

Offering good resistance to oils and grease along with moderate mechanical properties. White nitrile sheet is a popular option in the food industry and carries FDA approval. Temperature range of -25°C up to +120°C.

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