Coated glass cloths are made from a fabric made of glass that is very strong, flexible, and has a range of coatings or treatments applied to one or both sides. Each coating that is applied contributes to the fabric’s overall improvement, whether it is in terms of operating temperature, durability, or chemical resistance.

Our coated glass cloths can be delivered in entire rolls, trimmed into certain sizes or forms, or manufactured into finished goods based on your use. We can produce a variety of bespoke fabric items, including sleeves, connections, chutes, bellows, coverings, blankets, curtains, heat shields, and insulation jackets, thanks to our in-house industrial sewing skills.

Many of the grades listed below are items we regularly stock and supply. PTFE-coated materials are among them.

Standard Coated Glass Cloths

PTFE Coated Glass Cloth

PTFE Coated Glass Fabric

Silicone Coated Glass Cloth

Weldstop Blankets

Neoprene Coated Glass Cloth

Aluminium Coated Glass Cloth

Viton® Coated Glass Cloth

Hypalon Coated Glass Cloth

Nitrile Rubber Sheet (White)

Refractory Coated Glass Cloth

EPDM Coated Glass Cloth

Rubber Proofed Products

Graphite Coated Glass Cloth

Neoprene Rubber Sheet (White)