PET (Ertalyte) tube is very durable, dimensionally stable, and resistant to wear. It features a low moisture absorption rate, a strong chemical resistance, and a high mechanical strength. The PET (Ertalyte) tube is also acid resistant and has a low coefficient of friction. It is simple to manufacture, safe for food contact, and has a high creep resistance. PET comes in a variety of brands, including Ertalyte and Ertalyte TX (self-lubricated).


Machined components, bearings, seals and rollers.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -20°C up to +100ºC (+160ºC short term).
  • High mechanical strength and stiffness.
  • Suitable for food contact.
  • Excellent wear resistance properties.
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Very good resistance to creep.


Also available: PET (Ertalyte®) Sheet and PET (Ertalyte®) Rod.

 Inside Diameter (mm)Outside Diameter (mm)Length (mm)
NaturalGrey (Ertalyte® TX)
*20301000 / 3000
*20361000 / 3000
*20401000 / 3000
*50701000 / 3000
*70901000 / 3000
*701151000 / 3000
*701401000 / 3000
*801001000 / 3000
*1002001000 / 3000

*Denotes standard rod availability.

Note: If a specific colour of material is required, please state this in writing at the point of enquiry.Other sizes are also available but may be subject to longer lead times and MOQ’s.

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