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Ceramic & Glass Fibre

Ceramic & Glass Fibre

High temperature insulating fabrics made of ceramic and glass fibres are woven into a variety of goods. Both grades exhibit good chemical stability, resistance to oils, solvents, and thermal shock, as well as an absence of bacterial development. They are popular for usage in a variety of industrial applications since they are also highly lightweight, non-combustible, and adaptable.

To increase tensile strength and mechanical qualities at high temperatures, spun ceramic fibre products are frequently mixed with glass or wire reinforcing media. Compared to their glass fibre equivalents, they offer a better temperature rating, less thermal conductivity, and more steam resistance. Although the glass or wire reinforcements are rated lower, this material is appropriate for applications up to +1260°C.

Ceramic & Glass Fibre Products

Glass Webbing Tape

Glass webbing is easily converted into gaskets and seals for boiler, kiln and furnace doors. It can also be applied to pipes as lagging to prevent heat loss and injury to personnel. Temperature up to +550°C.

Ceramic Webbing Tape

Ceramic webbing has the same uses as its glass counterpart. It is capable of withstanding higher temperatures and its reinforcements provide additional mechanical strength. Temperature up to +1260°C (base fabric).

Glass Ladder Tape

Similar to glass webbing but manufactured without ‘warp’ yarns through the centre. This laddered effect makes it easier to install the tape over flange bolt holes on kilns, furnaces and boilers. Temperature up to +550°C.

Ceramic Ladder Tape

Has exactly the same application uses as glass ladder tape, but the ceramic fibre weave reinforced base fabric is suited to much higher temperature levels. Temperature up to +1260°C (base fabric).

Braided Packing

Available round or square in both glass and ceramic fabrics. Braided packings are suitable in sealing applications for furnaces, boilers and kilns. Temperature up to +550°C (glass) or +1260°C (ceramic base fabric).

Braided Packing – Soft Core

Ceramic or glass braided packing made up of a soft rope lagging core with a full overbraid. Particularly suited to high temperature static sealing applications. Temperature up to +550°C (glass) or +1260°C (ceramic base fabric).

Rope Lagging

Blown glass fibre or ceramic fibre filaments held together with a partial overbraid. Most suitable for use as seals or o-rings in heating applications. Temperature up to +550°C (glass) or +1260°C (ceramic base fabric).

Twisted & Stranded Yarns

Extremely pliable glass or ceramic fibre twisted yarn ropes. Ideal for sealing furnace door joints and thermal insulating in electrical applications. Temperature up to +550°C (glass) or +1260°C (ceramic base fabric).

Tadpole Seals

Glass or ceramic ‘P’ section tadpole tapes supplied with a range of bulbs. These include soft rope laggings, braided packings and stainless steel mesh. Temperature up to +550°C (glass) or +1260°C (ceramic base fabric).

Exhaust Wrap

High temperature exhaust lagging made from basalt fibre fabric. It has excellent thermal coverage and is capable of maintaining its integrity at higher temperatures than standard glass fibres. Temperature up to +560°C.

Hose & Cable Sleeving

We supply a range of high temperature hose and cable sleevings that are designed to provide thermal protection to both equipment and personnel, and to help retain temperature through insulation.

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