HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is a tough, long-lasting material that is ideal for playground equipment and displays. It is a popular choice for outdoor applications since it is exceptionally robust and has great UV and weathering protection. Plastic sheet for playgrounds has high mechanical strength and stiffness, and it’s simple to process and build. It also comes in layered colors, which makes it great for engraving.

At Petron Thermoplast, we welcome unique requests for playground plastic sheet machining. Using in-house CNC technology, letters, forms, and pictures may be produced directly from CAD files or designs. Please contact our technical sales team with any relevant information, drawings, or files to submit a customised query.


  • Signs, displays, and shadow boards are all examples of play and leisure equipment.

Key Features

  •     Temperature ranges from -10°C to +80°C.
  •     Excellent cleaning agent and UV radiation resistance.
  •     Mechanical stiffness and strength.
  •     Graffiti and soil have a difficult time adhering to the surface of the materials.
  •     It’s simple to machine and clean.
  •     Moisture absorption is low.


Note: Any RAL color, subject to minimum order quantities, is available upon request. Standard colors may differ from those seen in the photographs. If you prefer a certain sheet color, please specify this in writing at the time of your inquiry. We can also provide a tri-color playground plastic sheet with three distinct colored layers.
Also available: PET (Ertalyte®) Rod and PET (Ertalyte®) Tube.

Solid Colours

ColourSheet Size (mm)Sheet Thickness (mm):
12 19
Black2440 x 1220– *
Blue2440 x 1220* *
Green2440 x 1220* *
Grey2440 x 1220– *
Red2440 x 1220* *
Yellow2440 x 1220* *
*Denotes standard sheet availability.

Multi-Layered Colours

ColourSheet Size (mm)Sheet Thickness (mm):
12 19
Beige / Green / Beige2440 x 1220– *
Blue / White / Blue2440 x 1220* *
Blue / Yellow / Blue2440 x 1220* *
Green / Beige / Green2440 x 1220– *
Green / White / Green2440 x 1220* *
Green / Yellow / Green2440 x 1220* *
Red / White / Red2440 x 1220– *
Red / Yellow / Red2440 x 1220* *
White / Black / White2440 x 1220* *
Yellow / Black / Yellow2440 x 1220– *
Yellow / Blue / Yellow2440 x 1220* *
Yellow / Red / Yellow2440 x 1220* *
Black / White / Black2440 x 1220* *
Brown / Beige / Brown2440 x 1220* *
*Denotes standard sheet availability.

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