The mirrored plastic sheet is high-quality acrylic with a highly reflective, smooth mirrored surface on one side. Like a standard acrylic sheet, Mirrored acrylic sheet is resistant to chemicals and ultraviolet light. It is also lightweight, flexible, and simple to machine, cut, drill, and polish.

This material is commonly used to replace glass mirrors because it is half the weight and has much higher impact resistance. Mirrored acrylic sheet is also shattered resistant and can be used in industrial or domestic applications where safety is paramount.

If the mirrored plastic sheet is exposed to damp or moist environments for an extended period, it may warp, so it is recommended that the mirror be fixed to a hard, flat surface. You can purchase at an affordable online through Petron Thermoplast.


It is primarily used in schools, nurseries, horse stables, gymnasiums, hospitals, prisons, automobiles, bathrooms, kitchens, and gardens as a shatter-resistant mirror.

Key Features

  • Temperatures can reach +88°C.
  • In comparison to glass mirrors, it has a higher impact strength.
  • Flexible, lightweight, and shatterproof.
  • Used in various household and industrial settings.
  • Simple to install and machine.


Product Code Sheet Size (mm): Sheet Thickness (mm):
MIAC-2440X1220-3 2440 x 1220 3

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