The synthetic para-aramid fibre known in the business world as “Kevlar®” has exceptional tensile strength, durability, and temperature resistance. The finished materials made from aramid fibres exhibit intrinsic qualities in strength, durability, abrasion resistance, and heat resistance. They are typically available in woven plain cloth or silicone coated grades. To provide better qualities in the aforementioned areas, this substance is frequently added to other products.

We are able to produce finished aramid textile items including sleeves, connections, bellows, and compensators thanks to our industrial stitching facilities. A junction suitable for the base material is normally created using high temperature, high strength aramid fibre thread. If necessary, we may also provide cut parts, linear metres, and entire rolls for your own production.

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Available Aramid Fibre Products

Aramid Fibre Cloth

Silkev® – Silicone Coated Aramid

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