UPVC Pipe Fittings

In addition to this, Petron Thermoplast is a leading exporters of UPVC Pipe Fittings in various specifications at reasonable prices. PVC and UPVC pipes manufacturer and suppliers in India. These pipes are the most suitable, easy, and economical solutions for the distribution of potable water supply systems.

We are engaged in Manufacturing, Supplier, Exporter and Importer of a wide range of PVC Pipes and Fittings. We are highly used as Adhesives in the PVC Pipes & Fittings offered by us and are appreciated because of their precise composition, purity, effectiveness, safe usage. These are used for high-pressure water distribution systems.

PVC-U (Polyvinyl chloride unplasticized) is a highly reliable resin with high-performance properties in terms of thermal stability, chemical resistance, and mechanical operation. It is obtained by the presence of chlorine in the molecular structure.

The different formulations obtained by the addition of suitable additives and stabilizers, make PVC one of the most versatile plastic materials. We providing several opportunities to use PVC in different industrial applications.

PVC overcomes many problems that can be associated with other pipework materials. That conveying corrosive chemical fluids or the distribution or treatment of general water.

In order to meet the quality standards, Petron Thermoplast offers Industrial UPVC pipes and fittings are manufactured using excellent quality of plastic and modern technology.

PVC Pipes and Fittings Manufacturers

Petron Thermoplast PVC and UPVC pipe have a number of outstanding features. Such as high chemical resistance properties, mechanical strength, good thermal properties. We give you an easy installation, and reasonable price. We provides all required upvc pipe sizes & pvc pipes sizes in agriculture pipings systems. It can help our valuable clients to the reduction of total construction cost or installation cost.

Our quality & cost-effective products of PVC and UPVC can or should replace other materials. Avail the construction in size ranges available for all sorts of piping systems. We have a upvc pipe sizes 1/2″ to 24″ PVC Pipes Fitting range which provide a total piping solution to our valuable customers. This massive size range fulfills customer demands.

We are always welcome to our customers to provide better product’s in India. We offered item available the light weight, simple and fast to introduce, has Excellent Hydraulic Characteristics, Non-Flammable.

Advantages of Industrial Grey UPVC Piping systems

General characteristic

The different formulations obtained by adding suitable additives and stabilizers render the PVC-U the most versatile of all plastic materials, allowing it to be adapted to many applications involving fluids under pressure.
PVC-U represents one of the more economic solutions in the field of thermoplastic and metal materials for resolving problems in the transport of corrosive chemical fluids, and in the distribution and treatment of water in general. The mains reasons for this preference are the unique characteristics of the resin,

which include:

Good chemical resistance: PVC-U resins have excellent chemical resistance to most acids and alkalis, paraffin/aliphatic hydrocarbons and saline solutions. It is not recommended for the transport of polar organic compounds, including some types of chlorinated and aromatic solvents. PVC-U resins are also fully compatible with the transport of foodstuffs, demineralised water, potable water and unconditioned water, as provided for by current national and international standards.

Good thermal stability: PVC-U resins have good thermal stability in the temperature range between 20°C and 50°C and are typically used in industrial and water supply applications, guaranteeing excellent mechanical strength, sufficient rigidity for the purpose, reduced thermal expansion coefficients and high factors of safety in service. PVC-U compounds are also resistant to combustion with a flash point of 399°C. The flame, in fact, only persists if the oxygen concentration is twice that of atmospheric or in the presence of a flame from an external source.
Flash point: 399° C. Oxygen index: 45%. UL 94 class: V0. Thanks to the reduced coefficient of thermal conductivity (λ = 0,15 W/m °C according to ASTM C177) the use of PVC-U resin for transporting hot fluids reduces heat loss and virtually eliminates condensation problems.

Resistance to ageing: PVC-U resins have a high circumferential breaking strength (Minimum Required Strength MRS ≥ 25.0 MPa at 20°C) and allow long installation lifetimes without showing any signs of significant physical mechanical deterioration.

Application of the UPVC Pipe and Fittings

  1. For drinking water pipe appropriation frameworks, both fundamental and supply lines.
  2. Sewer and release pipe frameworks. Because of its non-metallic nature, the material utilized is impervious to all types of metallic erosion.

As the UPVC Pipe Manufacturer in India, we endeavor to stay at the front line of mechanical development and item greatness through the utilization of state of the art innovation and best in class producing offices, accordingly, dedicated to persistently offering new arrangements that will increase the value of the relative multitude of partners. With a sharp eye on industry patterns and best practices, top-tier advancements, economies of scale, ideal limit use, and savvy measures, we are ready to tap open doors in a quick-changing worldwide situation.

Why Petron Thermoplast ?

Petron Thermoplast has advanced from one solidarity to another, and has packed away numerous renowned honors, a large number of glad and fulfilled clients and the accomplished driving situation in the field of UPVC Pipes  Manufacturer. Cross country business organization and administration backup offices, devoted deals power, and ideal conveyance make us nearer to clients.

Utilizing the experience of more than fifty years and a group of exceptionally qualified experts, the organization has released a fantastic item bin of wide assortments. We have separated ourselves from different associations as an organization with an inbuilt High Customer Care Services culture.

At Petron Thermoplast, we guarantee that all our UPVC pipe and fittings are portrayed by extraordinary ductile and effect strength, anti-scaling, and destructive properties. Our UPVC pipes manufacturer and lines accompanying low stream head misfortune are made from non-poisonous, eco-accommodating, and virgin plasticized polyvinyl compounds, making them liberated from any synthetics.

The smooth inside surface doesn’t permit any inside stores to make UPVC pipe and fittings alright for conveying drinking water. Forestalling bacterial development, our fittings are profoundly versatile, scraped spot verification, and strong. Simple to introduce, our fittings arrive in a variety of types and sizes.

UPVC Piping Technical Information

Technical Specifications Of Industrial UPVC Piping Systems:

We have mentioned all required upvc pipe sizes & upvc pipe size chart with technical data. We got many query from customers ends who have some technical questions for upvc pipe types ?. So we mention below all UPVC & PVC Pipe technical details. Also, we have attached upvc pipe catalogue for customer demands.