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Chemical Processing Industry

Chemical Processing Industry

Plastics for Chemical Processing Industry

Plastics for chemical tanks and plants

The performance capacity of chemical tanks and plants is determined by many factors. High operating safety is required even at aggressive chemical media, high thermal and static stress. Constructors need materials specifically suitable for such requirements. Our plastics have been in use in the chemical industry for more than 50 years. They are particularly chemicals-resilient, heat-resilient and easy to process. Around the world, they help constructors build low-maintenance tanks and facilities with a high process safety.

Tried and tested applications of our plastics in the chemical processing industry include:

Chemical storage tanks

Rectangular tanks, Round tanks, Roofs and bottoms for tanks, In liners in composite tanks, PE 100 materials

Galvanic plants

Galvanic systems, Copper coating systems; Chrome-plating systems

Steel-pickling plants

Steel staining plants, Stainless steel staining plants

Ventilation plants

Ventilation systems, Fans, Housings for plant parts, Ventilation ducts, In liners for ventilation ducts

Exhaust-air cleaning plants

Drop separator, Gas washer, Exhaust washer

Chemical storage tanks

Rectangular tanks, Round tanks, Roofs and bottoms for tanks, In liners in composite tanks

Tests for dual laminate constructions

Special requirements as to the strength and dimensioning of tanks can require a laminate of various materials such as thermoplastic and composites. A very high bond strength is required to ensure that tanks with this dual laminate construction have high operational security. Measurements to assess whether materials are suitable for this are the interlaminary shear strength and the tear resistance. Both tests are described in the DIN EN 13121-3.

Application stories

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Nylon Fasteners

Peek Fasteners

Pom Fasteners

PP Fasteners

PP Stepping Surfaces

PPH Chemical Storage Tanks

PPH Galvanic Plants

PPH Steel-pickling Plants

PPH Ventilation System for a Galvanic Plant

Pvdf Bush

Tank for a Stainless Steel Staining Plant