PolyPropylene Plastic Fabrication

Polypropylene, or polypro, is a versatile thermoplastic manufactured by combining propylene monomers. This material is available in homopolymer and copolymer forms and has the following properties:

Propylene Homopolymer Applications

Propylene homopolymer (PPH) stands as a versatile substance, showcasing notable traits such as robust defense against corrosion, impressive tensile strength, and rigidity under heightened temperatures. Furthermore, it boasts exceptional resilience against organic solvents, degreasing agents, and electrolytic deterioration. Weighing lightly on the scale and endowed with a peak temperature threshold of 210 degrees Fahrenheit, propylene homopolymer emerges as the perfect candidate for a diverse array of uses. Instances of its application encompass:

Propylene Copolymer Applications

Closely resembling propylene homopolymer in numerous aspects, propylene copolymer (PPC) exhibits slightly lower heat resistance but excels in impact strength. Additionally, it demonstrates heightened resistance against stress cracking and maintains its toughness under low temperatures. Typical uses encompass: