Acrylic (Perspex) tubes provide great optical qualities as well as excellent UV resistance. It is light and simple to construct, cut, drill, and polish. It is resistant to a variety of weak acids and alkalis.


Sight glass covers and display tubes.

Key Features

  • Temperature: up to +70°C (+90°C short term).
  • Excellent optical properties.
  • Lightweight and easily fabricated.


Please note: Food grade acrylic (Perspex®) tube may also be available subject to minimum order quantities, please enquire. Due to the nature of it’s manufacture, we cannot always guarantee that acrylic tube will be supplied scratch free. Please state upon enquiry if your acrylic tube has to be scratch free.
Also available: Acrylic and Perspex® Sheet and Acrylic (Perspex®) Rod.


Note: Other sizes and lengths can be manufactured upon request but may be subject to minimum order.

Note: We also offer a plastic fabrication service enabling us to form, weld and bond acrylic tube to your requirements. We can also apply rubber cuffs each end if required.

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