Acetal homopolymer means it may be used interchangeably with other acetal homopolymers. This implies that Delrin retains the key characteristics of acetal polymers in general, such as excellent dimensional stability. Friction, fatigue, and abrasion resistance are all factors to consider.Petronthermoplast offers acetal sheets in a variety of grades, which are shown below. It is simple to machine and has outstanding impact and wear resistance. Because all grades are food-safe, it’s a popular option for machined components in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors. For further information on each grade, click on the links below.

Available Grades of Acetal & Delrin®

Acetal Sheet

In comparison to acetal homopolymer, it has better dimensional stability and wears and impact resistance. Acetal copolymer has good hydrolysis and great alkali resistance. It’s also non-toxic, which makes it a common choice for food contact. -40°C to +90°C is the temperature range.

Acetal Sheet – Food Quality

Because of the material’s distinctive color, it’s commonly employed in culinary and medicinal applications. The properties of blue food-grade acetal are comparable to those of black and natural copolymer. It’s frequently machined into parts for use in food processing machines. -50°C to +100°C is the temperature range.

Acetal Homopolymer (Delrin®)

In comparison to acetal copolymer, it has higher tensile strength, hardness, stiffness, and resistance to creep and high temperatures. Acetal homopolymer is FDA certified and comes in black or natural colors. Components like gears and friction bearings are frequently machined from it. Temperatures as high as +110°C are possible.

Acetal Sheet – Metal & X-Ray Detectable

Contains fine material additions that can be seen by most metal detector scanning equipment. Metal detectable acetal is largely used to defend against plastic contamination in food and pharmaceutical applications. It has properties that are comparable to black and natural copolymer. -30°C to +105°C is the temperature range.