Chemical leaks from hoses and tubing are routinely contained by containment units (also known as catch pots) in the water treatment and chemical industries. Containment units are designed to be installed around the outside of the inner carrier hose, where a connection is required in dual containment hose installations. This allows any leaks from the joint to be rapidly identified and contained. Containment units can be used to break the outer containment tube while leaving the inside tube intact. This could be used to detect leaks.

Our containment units are created to order from clear plastic and can be curved or straight, with or without a removable top. Chemically resistant seals and pipe fittings can also be used.

Applications: Machine guards, conveyor guards, transfer chutes, bins, linings, sight glass covers, connectors, crash doors, tunnels, OEM components, display cases and containment units.


Size: Custom made to suit your requirements.

Containment Unit with Hose, Fittings & Clips

Containment Unit with Hingesl

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