What is CPVC Basket Stainer ?

PetronThermoplast’s fabricated Basket Strainers are engineered using heavy-duty PVC or CPVC materials. Available in IPS sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 12″, you have the choice of socket, spigot, or flanged ends, along with EPDM or FKM O-ring seals. Our user-friendly quick-release clamp cap comes equipped with a safety pressure gauge and a pressure release ball valve, enhancing system safety during operation and strainer maintenance. An additional drain plug is included for complete unit drainage and flushing. Designed to remove unwanted solids from plastic or metal piping systems, PetronThermoplast’s Basket Strainers are the ideal solution for safeguarding valves, filters, pumps, nozzles, or other liquid control devices in corrosive or non-corrosive fluid systems.

key Features

  • PVC or CPVC Construction: PetronThermoplast’s Basket Strainers are crafted from heavy-bodied PVC or CPVC materials, ensuring exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Multiple O-ring Options: You can select from high-grade, abrasion-resistant EPDM or FKM elastomer O-rings, allowing for application-specific choices to achieve optimal chemical resistance.
  • Strainer Basket Options: Choose from PVC, CPVC baskets in standard 1/8″ or 3/32″ perforation, or Stainless Steel baskets available in perforated or standard mesh sizes. Additional Stainless Steel perforation or wire mesh can be supplied based on customer specifications.
  • Convenient Safety Pressure Gauge: An easy-to-read 0-160 psi pressure gauge is provided to monitor system pressure. Optional gauge guards are available for corrosive fluids.
  • Pressure Release Valve: A 1/4″ ball valve simplifies pressure release for maintenance and service of the system. Valve O-ring options match the Basket Strainer unit supplied.
  • Quick Release Cap: Eliminate problems with seized threads with quick, convenient access to the strainer.
  • Maximum Flow: Achieve a minimum 6:1 open area ratio through the strainer basket to the corresponding piping system, allowing maximum straining capacity with minimal pressure loss.
  • Maximum Service Temperatures: PVC – 140°F (60°C), CPVC – 200°F (93°C).
  • Internal Pressure Ratings: 1/2″ – 8″ rated at 150 psi, 10″ – 12″ rated at 50 psi, maximum internal pressure at 73°F. Derating may be required at elevated temperatures.

Sample Engineering Specifications:

All thermoplastic Basket Strainers shall be fabricated from PVC Type I Cell Classification 12454 or CPVC Type IV Cell Classification 23447 material. All O-rings shall be EPDM or FKM. Strainer baskets shall be perforated PVC, CPVC, or type 316 stainless steel wire mesh. Standard strainer perforation shall be 1/8″ or 3/32″ with a minimum open area ratio of 6:1 or specified perforation/mesh opening. Basket strainer shall have a quick-release clamp-retained bonnet with safety nut, pressure release valve, and safety pressure gauge. The unit shall be equipped with an O-ring-sealed drain plug at the lower end. Basket strainer sizes 1/2″ – 8″ shall be pressure rated at 150 psi, sizes 10″ – 12″ at 50 psi for water at 73°F, as manufactured by PetronThermoplast.”

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