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Plastic Machining

Machined Components

Petron Thermoplast is a leading plastic machining/machined components company in India and provides best machined components, capable of producing complicated technical plastic components using cutting-edge CNC technology. This enables us to produce pieces with a wide range of shapes, from simple to complex. CNC machining, cutting, routing, turning, drilling, and milling are just a few of the plastic machining services we offer. We also have a team of highly skilled engineers on staff, as well as CAD technology, which allows us to precisely engineer components to your specifications. We can produce single units or large batches utilizing a wide range of engineering plastic materials that we keep on hand. Existing samples or drawings can be used to generate quotes.

Plastic sheet materials, including engineering, fabrication, and specialty grades, are all available from us. Food-grade and metal-detectable plastics, as well as anti-static and self-lubricating grades, can all be machined. Industrial laminates, such as Tufnol and glass-based laminates, can also be machined.


Wear strips, scrolls, wear bends, bushes, rollers, scrapers, gears, presses, food-grade components, and OEM parts are just a few of the items available.

We need drawings or a sample to work with in order to machine your parts. If this is not possible, we will come to your site to gather the relevant information. Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.


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