Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and plumbing applications in home and industrial contexts use energy insulation materials. Our selection is made to increase energy efficiency, aid in preventing pipework from rupture in below-freezing temperatures, and shield users from scorching exposed external surfaces. We also provide items like Rockwool®, which are generally used in the construction sector to insulate walls, floors, and loft spaces.

A variety of pipe lagging options made of nitrile and polyethylene foam are available for home and industrial piping, helping to retain heat and lower the danger of corrosion. Due to its compliance with British and European fire ratings and its capacity to minimise energy usage by up to 87 percent, Class O Armaflex® is one of our most popular solutions.

Thermal Insulation Products

Armaflex® Pipe Insulation

Armaflex® Sheet & Roll

Pipe & Valve Insulation Jackets

Heated IBC Insulation Jackets

PE Foam Pipe Insulation (Tubolit)


Rockwool® Pipe Insulation

Rockwool® Slab Insulation

Aluminium Foil Tape

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Sound Proofing

Ceramic and Glass Fibre

Insulation Blankets

Coated Glass Cloths