Nylon 12 Rod is a transparent polyamide with high tensile strength, moderate mechanical characteristics, and excellent chemical resistance. It has a robust, hard surface, is UV resistant, and has a flammability grade of UL 94 H-B. Nylon 12 is an excellent electrical insulator, has a strong resistance to stress cracking, and is abrasion and corrosion-resistant.

Nylon 12 outperforms other technical polyamides in terms of chemical resistance and moisture absorption when compared to extruded grades of nylon 6 and 66. Nylon 12 is distinguished from other polyamides by its transparency, and it is frequently employed in applications requiring optical clarity. Nylon 12 is less strong and has a lower melting point than other engineering nylons. It’s also worth mentioning that, with the exception of chemical resistance, typical grades of cast nylon 6 will surpass nylon 12 in every way.


Commonly machined into sliding rails, impact plates, gear wheels, pump parts and wear components.

Key Features

  • Good resistance to chemicals, oils, and cleaning fluids.
  • Temperature: Up to +80°C.
  • High resistance to stress cracking.
  • Lower moisture absorption than extruded nylon 6 and 66.
  • Highly machinable.
  • Good impact strength.
  • UV resistant.


Offers a class UL 94 H-B flammability rating.


Also available: Cast and extruded nylon 6 rod and nylon 66 rod.
Rod Length (mm) Rod Diameter (mm)
40 80 100
3000 * * *
1000 * * *

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