Plastic sprockets are extensively used in power transmission and roller chain applications as an alternative to metal sprockets. They’re made of cast oil-filled nylon and have a number of advantages over typical metal equivalents, including self-lubricating characteristics and a lower coefficient of friction. This reduces both the wear on the plastic roller chain and the application’s noise levels. Other advantages include improved corrosion resistance, enhanced impact strength, and lower weight than metal equivalents. Split sprockets are also available for applications that need the machinery to be removed. They come in two parts and may be erected in situ around the installation, eliminating the need to disassemble equipment.

Standard plastic sprockets are offered for the CC600 and CC1400 series case chains. By clicking the link above, you may purchase all of the CC600 series sprockets listed below. We also provide plastic machining services and can create custom plastic sprockets to your specifications.



In dusty/gritty conditions, regions with regular washdown operations, or where a quieter operation is required, power transmission applications are ideal. Blue sprockets were created particularly for food and beverage industry applications to make contamination simpler to detect.

Key Features

  • No need for extra lubricants with this self-lubricating grade.
  • In comparison to metal components, the coefficient of friction is lower, and the wear resistance is higher.
  • Corrosion resistance is good.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Metal components are heavier.
  • Noise levels are lower during operation compared with metal components.
  • Split sprockets with a diameter of 400mm can be made.


CC600 Series - Case Conveyor Chain Plastic Sprockets (63.5mm / 2.5" Pitch)

Product Code
(Green ‘COF’)
Product Code
(Blue ‘COF’)
Product Code
(Natural ‘COF’)
No. of
Pitch Circle
(P – mm)
(OD – mm)
*The 19mm pilot bore can be machined out to any size and keyways can also be applied upon request. Please advise at point of enquiry.

CC1400 Series - Case Conveyor Chain Plastic Sprockets (82.5mm / 3.25" Pitch)

Product Code (Green ‘COF’)No. of TeethPitch Circle (P – mm)Diameter (OD – mm)Weight (Kg)
*The 19mm pilot bore can be machined out to any size and keyways can also be applied upon request. Please advise at point of enquiry

Examples of our Plastic Sprockets

Cast Nylon Split Sprocket – Joined

Cast Nylon Split Sprocket – Open

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