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Discover plastic materials with characteristics important to your application
Consider mechanical loads, aesthetics, and machinability when selecting a plastic. It’s important to identify friction and wear requirements, operating temperature ranges, and outdoor or chemical exposure.



Plastics that require repeated steam sterilization such as polysulfone, Ultem®, PPSU, and PEEK.

Easy to Bond

Plastic materials and compatible adhesives that are engineered to create strong bonds.

Easy to Fabricate

Plastic materials that are easy to shape using saws, routers, and other fabrication techniques.

Easy to Machine

Certain plastics have outstanding machining characteristics allowing for tight tolerances and excellent surface finish.

Easy to Thermoform

Many plastic sheet materials can be thermoformed. Some plastics such as ABS have excellent thermoforming characteristics.

Easy to Weld

HDPE, PP, PVC, and PVDF sheet are often assembled into tanks and benches via thermoplastic welding processes.


Architectural grades of acrylic and polycarbonate sheet, and SentryGlas® are ideal choices for many glazing applications.

Good Chemical Resistance

Plastics such as PVDF and PPS have outstanding chemical resistance and are widely used in chemical processing applications.

Good Dimensional Stability

Plastics for tight tolerance applications include those with low CTEs and low moisture absorption.

Good Electrical Insulation

Some plastics (such as phenolic, Ultem®, PEEK) have high dielectric strength and are widely used for electrical applications.

Good for Bearings

A number of different plastic materials including UHMW, Nylon, and Vespel® can be used for friction and wear applications.

Good for Friction and Wear

Plastics such as Nylon and Acetal have outstanding wear characteristics. Wear performance can be enhanced with additives.

Good Weathering

Plastics materials such as acrylic and PVDF have good resistance to weathering and are suitable for outdoor applications.

Heat Sealing

PTFE tapes are used to line the contact surfaces of plastic heat sealing equipment to allow for aesthetically pleasing seals.

High Purity

Plastics such as PEEK and PFA are often used for high purity applications where it’s important to prevent contamination.

High Temperature

Some plastics offer options to resist thermal degradation while maintaining sufficient strength at elevated temperatures.

Hydrolysis Resistant

PSU and PEEK resist hydrolysis and perform well in applications where hot water and steam resistance are required.

Impact Resistant

ABS and polycarbonate are extremely tough and are often used for applications where impact resistance is required.

Orthotics and Prosthetics

Rigid plastic sheet materials, flexible materials, foams, and transfer papers for orthotic and prosthetic applications.


Different technologies are used to manufacture prototypes including machining and casting.


Plastics used for seals must be soft enough to conform to mating surfaces and have good creep resistance to prevent leaks.

Stain Resistance

PEEK and PET have exceptional stain resistance and are widely used in food processing and pharmaceutical equipment.

Strong and Stiff

Advanced engineering plastics have outstanding strength and stiffness, which makes them good choices for many applications