Foam Grips

Sizes range from 6.35mm to 75mm, with lengths ranging from 50mm to 1800mm. Low, medium, and high-density materials with a smooth or textured surface are all available.


Available in diameters ranging from 1.5mm to 100mm and lengths ranging from 50mm to 600mm. Available in a gloss, semi-matt, or textured finish in soft, medium, or hard materials. High temperatures of up to 220°C are available.


Available in widths ranging from 1mm to 590mm and lengths ranging from 3mm to 600mm. These are available in a gloss, semi-matt, or textured finish and come in a round, square, or rectangular shape. A high-temperature option of up to 220oC is also available.

Material: Black dip moulded PVC.

Product Code D (mm) L (mm)
HG03-1503/1 15.9 102
HG03-1503/2 19.1 108
HG03-1503/3 22.2 115
HG03-1503/4 25.4 105
Material:  Black dip moulded PVC.

Product CodeD (mm)L (mm)

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